Sovereign Harbour completion plan receives unanimous approval from planning committee

A plan to complete the development of Sovereign Harbour, providing new employment opportunities, 150 new homes and supporting community infrastructure, has been unanimously approved by Eastbourne Council.

The application followed Eastbourne Council's own Harbour SPD, which set the framework for the application sites and reflects Sovereign Harbour Limited's (SHL) commitment to ensuring that the land will be delivered.

The plan includes provision for a maximum of 150 new homes, together with a range of facilities including a community hall, a park and two further significant open spaces, which will become important amenities for the local community. The scheme also provides for further commercial development in North Harbour, bringing a range of further employment opportunities to Site 6 and 7 alongside the retail and restaurant outlets at the Waterfront.

The resulting investment in Sovereign Harbour is likely to be in excess of £80m and there is the potential to generate 1,500 jobs. The approved scheme was developed by SHL in close association with a working group of local representatives, chaired by MP Stephen Lloyd, and including Ward Councillors, Eastbourne Borough Council and the Sovereign Harbour Residents' Association.

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